2.3.9 Practice Written Assignment Working With Gustar Verb

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Thanks for visiting my website and starting your progress in Spanish!

You will need accounts with two websites. Follow the directions below to register and join your class.

QUIZLET: www.quizlet.com

Quizlet is a free website that allows people to post vocabulary words and then view them in flashcard format, print vocabulary lists, play games, etc. You will have to create a username and join your class. To join your class:

  1. Sign-up for quizlet or sign-in if you already have an account. I suggest creating a username that your teachers will recognize as you.
  2. Once you've created an account, use this link to join our Quizlet class: Noon, Spanish 2

VHL Supersite: www.vhlcentral.com

The VHL Supersite gives you access to our online textbook, practice exercises, grammar tutorials and lots more. Using the supersite will help you achieve your Spanish goals.

1. Follow this link to the VHL Supersite

2. Create an account or login to the account you used last year.

3. Choose Liberty High School, Renton, WA as your school. You may need to change this if you were at Maywood last year.

4. Once you’ve created your account, click on enroll in a course.

5. Find the course and period you should enroll in (Andrea Noon, Descubre 2, Hora 5 or 7 or 8)

If you have extra time, explore either VHL or Quizlet. Good work!

2.3.9 Practice: Written Assignment: May I Help You?Practice AssignmentSpanish II Sem 2 (S4140534)Points possible: 60Date: ____________I. Fill in the blanks in the dialogue below using the words from the left side of the table. Note that you only need to use each word once.pantalonescuadroscollarzapatoschaquetaaretestraje de bañoalgodónllamativolistas—María, ¿te gusta la chaquetaroja?—Sí, pero me gusta más la de cuadros. Es más original.—¡Huy¡ ¡Mira qué collarde perlas tan bonito¡ Me quedaría muy bien con el vestido de fiesta.—Sí, pero yo prefiero comprar unos aretesbrillantes.—Estos pantalonesfloreados te quedarán muy bien con tus zapaosde tacón.—Sí, y además son de algodon, mi material favorito.—¿Tienes ya tu traje de banopara ir a la playa?—Sí, es de listasy un poco llamativo, pero me encanta.II. Create a dialogue.Write a five-sentence dialogue that you might have with a clerk in a clothing store. Note the cues in italics.


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