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Motu patlu open up a furniture shop. When chingam is called for inauguration, he refuses and boxer volunteers for it. Both of them injure themselves and land up at the hospital. What happens when they come back from the hospital? Watch Furniture ki Dukaan - Motu Patlu in Telugu

Motu is watching a tv program that sends out a message that one should always help his friends. Motu wants to help all his friends one by one. He cooks for patlu, unintentionally helps john escape with a bag of money, ruins jhatka’s experiments so on and so forth. Watch Motu Ki Dosti - Motu Patlu in Telugu

John and goons have found a treasure map. The map leads them to an old temple. Motu patlu follow them and fall in trouble. They face a huge snake and many more obstacles and challenges that john throws at them taking advantage of being ahead of them. Watch how they overtake John and his goons! Watch Mandir Ka Khajana - Motu Patlu In Telugu

Motu can see only non-living things and he gets into trouble because of this.

Meet and greet your favourite heroes - Motu Patlu, Eena Meena Deeka, VIR: The Robot Boy, Kisna and Chacha Bhat.

Motu patlu

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Motu Patlu Hindi Episode – Super Star Motu Patlu free Download

Doraemon New Jungle Hunting Game – doraemon cartoon in Hindi/Urdu

Furfurinagar’s water pipeline is blocked. The entire town is suffering from water shortage. Along with Motu Patlu, the mischievous John also decides to help clear the blockage. But he traps Motu & Patlu inside the pipeline. What will happen now? Watch Water Problem - Motu Patlu in Hindi

Official Channel of WOW KIDZ. Meet and greet your favourite heroes - Motu Patlu, Eena Meena Deeka, VIR: The Robot Boy, Kisna and Chacha Bhat.

Dr.Jhatka gives Motu Patlu a natural gas cylinder that creates fuel out of natural products. The cylinder falls and takes off with Motu Patlu on it. Dr.Jhatka asks them not to get off it since it’s the only cylinder he thinks of ways to save them. Watch Cylinder Ki Sawaari - Motu Patlu in Hindi


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